Community Spotlight: Voxlings

Community Spotlight: Voxlings

Every week we bring you a sample of our favorite community games, levels and assets. Community member Jonathan Carlisle has created several short animated films in our Trackview cinematic system and he's sure this is not the last we'll see of him!

Welcome to the land of Voxels! Community member Jonathan Carlisle Altman is working on a rather special and different type of project called Voxlings. He's been developing this project on his own since the start.

To create the voxels Jonathan is using a little lightweight application called MagicalVoxel. It's free and currently in alpha stage, so grab it if now you'd like to check it out! This application creates a cool and different atmosphere over the entire project, which really makes it stand out from other CRYENGINE projects. All the animations for this video were done using CRYENGINE's own Trackview cinematic system.

It's refreshing to see a different art style than what you would normally expect from developers using CRYENGINE. Trees and vegetation give you a very different shape and texture adding so much to the scenes. Makes us miss the good old 8-bit days of Commodore 64 and the MS-DOS based PC games from the 80s. We wish Jonathan the very best in the continued development of Voxlings!

To check up on the progress of Voxlings, try the official Facebook page, the official forum thread and his YouTube channel.

- Lavizh

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  • chromachinima

    (Thanks Anonymous's :-D )

  • Unknown User

    Good work your work entertains :)

  • Unknown User

    This is some very interesting use of the engine that is for sure. Definitely looking forward to seeing more!

  • chromachinima

    Ah! Thanks so much for the feature! I was confused about the nice uptick in views until my buddy clued me in. I'm hard at work on the next short, and this was a great boost. ~Jonny Alt

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