CRYENGINE 5.2.3 is now available for download

CRYENGINE 5.2.3 is now available for download

Thanks to our ever-vigilant community of CryEngineers, today's minor release includes fixes for 5 issues. As always, please leave your feedback about the latest release in the forums.

Minor releases are intended to only fix issues and problems instead of adding new features. For more information on what we plan to include in our next major release, CRYENGINE 5.3, please check our public roadmap.

Full release notes for CRYENGINE 5.2.3


Fixed: FMOD Studio events did not assume obstruction and occlusion values on start.

Fixed: AreaManager: "InnerFadeDistance" property wasn't properly ex-/imported for AreaBox, AreaSphere and AreaShape.

Core Engine:

Fixed: UIElements not loading in CE 5.2.


Fixed: 'Console Variables' window crashes when a CVar is unregistered.

Fixed: Crash when opening a level while searching in the 'Console Variables' window.

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  • Unknown User

    Lessons will be how to make the game - rpg or shooter ...

  • tamal777

    Can I sell my games for free with this engine? or I have to purchase the membership?

  • jiyuchengdipan

    Great , I Love Crytek

  • deonisya

    Where the update? Validation says no update.

  • ajdev

    In the launcher it tells me to start a project in order to download an engine. Then it reports it's downloading 5.2. It does not say anything about 5.2.3 or even 5.2.2! If your going to use minor version numbers, REPORT THEM so it can be known what version is really being downloaded. Or, provide a proper download link to the engine. This kind of thing wastes a lot of time. I've spent all week trying to get a freakin' project up! I still have never seen the editor for an "about," because the sandbox just keeps faulting out. How do I see the actual minor level version?

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