CRYENGINE Business Model Changes Explained

CRYENGINE Business Model Changes Explained

CRYENGINE is changing, but what does that mean for you? We summarized the most important changes to our new business model and talk about when royalties apply and what you can do to file your game for an exemption.

With the launch of CRYENGINE 5.5 we announced a new 5% royalty-based model to support ongoing investment into the engine and ecosystem. The 5% threshold, which only kicks in after $5,000 of revenue is raised when working with the latest version of the engine, offers developer studios of all sizes the opportunity to achieve their vision and means success stories will contribute directly to making the engine better for everyone.

We also understand that projects are already underway on legacy versions of CRYENGINE, which is why we have also announced a royalty-exemption program for developers.

How to apply for royalty-exemption

If you are currently developing on CRYENGINE 5.4 or below you can apply for a royalty exemption until 30 June 2018. Please state your wish to continue to work under the previous Pay What You Want model by filling out the Game Registration Form and tick the respective box to opt out of royalties. We will let you know when your application for an exemption has been accepted.

You can only register one project per studio for royalty exemption. However, if you wish to register more, we will evaluate each application on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances. For example, if you are working for a studio that develops with CRYENGINE and you register your game under your name, but you have a private project on the side, please get in touch and we will appraise the situation as part of the application. You can find out more information in our FAQ.

Enterprise Tier exemptions

In addition to rolling out the new business model, we offer an Enterprise Tier for CRYENGINE that allows development teams a wide range of custom support and royalty exemptions while developing on the latest version of CRYENGINE. If you would like to find out more, click through to our Enterprise Licensing Solution page where you can get in touch with our Business Development Team.

Did you know?

Registering your game before a monetized release is mandatory, no matter if you file for royalty-exemption or not. Nothing new here, as this was the case before we updatesd the business model as well. But we changed the process and now there's more in it for you. Help us to help you with promoting your game! Opt in for Marketing Support now to have a chance to be chosen for a Community Spotlight on our blog and get support through our social media channels.

As always any questions, concerns, comments, just let us know on the CRYENGINE official forum, Facebook, Twitter, Discord or Slack!


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  • Shepard777

    @R3VO, this is not an argument about who's been raped for a longer time.

  • Shepard777

    @game_dev5 And never comes to this website, he gave up on this community. And lots did the same thing. You can find dozens of good projects, which never posted their info here. This is because in past some moderators abused their power to eliminate people they don't like in person. This community sucks.

  • Shepard777

    @game_dev5 There was quite enough of proof of past failures, one doesn't have to point them out. Maybe company goes forward or tries to go forward. And you can still make *some game* with CryEngine, but the fact that no one uses it (Star Citizen is a good example) plus past faults and well-known arrogance of so-called *community maintainers* make people to choose something different than CryEngine. Remember people like hendrikp (Hendrik Polczynski) who just gave up on this community. And lots of them. This happened because of Crytek's unprofessionalism of community management. And their Free SDK / EaaS was a total failure. And remember totally limited Crysis 2 Mod SDK. And then further in past there was a Crysis 1 Mod SDK, in which people believed so much and which was never properly supported by Devs.

  • Shepard777

    @R3VO let's face it, you are they cheerleader of Crytek. Stop protecting them, they didn't spend a dime for community in the past 10 years. Crytek is like a bad totalitarian goverment who always tries to make your life worse. Every new release is worse than the previous, new portions of promises turn out as new bugs and never working half-finished features. And they never stop making your life worse and worse.

  • Shepard777

    @BlueArrowTR, what you say is just a piece of lies from Crytek cheerleaders. There's no *certain standards* in the universe and nobody cares about *serious games quality* except for the client and a contractor (executor) of the project. Unreal allows you to do anything you want (except *nuclear power plants software*, as said in their EULA), which means virtually anything you want. So this is a total crap about "people may die if you make crap software on CryEngine". Nobody will make anything that serious using CryEngine. Simulation is a simulation, which is just a model for tests and is not a management software or anything that could kill people. For all other cases the one who makes this "simulation" will be responsible for any damage it can cause. Crytek's EULA says it's provided *as is* and company isn't responsible for any damage its product can cause. As I say, this reason is a piece of lies or just your wet fantasies. THE ONLY REASON CRYTEK WANTS YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM SIMULATORS IS THIS: Crytek sold the permanent license to its engine and the exclusive right for making any simulators to some 3rd party company called *Realtime Immersive inc.* Their contract means that Crytek can only use their engine for games and all military/architectural/simulation projects can only be done by Realtime Immersive. Crytek sold a part of their engine together with this one-sided contract. They needed money, that's why they did lots of those stupid things and now they are losing market. Their business model is a total failure. Who needs 15 studio offices around the world is the only successful game they did was Crysis. Crysis 1, Crysis 2, Crysis 3 (fail) and Warface. Mediocre games. And 15 studios. Valve has only 1 studio, but they made 20+ games. *Imperial ambitions*. And then they sold CE3 to Amazon and made this failed CE5, permanently in Beta.

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