CRYENGINE Community Spotlight – ‘Prayers’ from Heion Studios

CRYENGINE Community Spotlight – ‘Prayers’ from Heion Studios

Today’s Community Spotlight comes from Heion Studios, based in Peru, and includes a time-lapse video about how they created one of the assets in this beautiful scene with a work-in-progress title of “Prayers.”

Heion Studios is the brainchild of 3D Environment Artist JoseMaria Patiño and his brother, Art Director Manuel Patiño. The project is based on the picturesque citadel of Santa Catalina, home to a 16th century monastery, located in Arequipa, Peru. The monastery was built in 1579 and is still home to a convent of Dominican nuns today, but in this project it will become the setting for a five level survival horror game.

You can check out how they created the plant pot assets in this scene in a time-lapse video, showing how they used reference material and CRYENGINE’s powerful-in-engine tools to create a beautiful and realistic asset

JoseMaria Patiño spoke to us to explain why he chose CRYENGINE:
“I am very excited to be able to present the project to the community. I chose CRYENGINE because I love its power and realism. I also had the curiosity to use CRYENGINE myself to discover the technology that was used to develop Crysis! The feature that I like most about CRYENGINE is the real-time lighting. It really makes CRYENGINE the best tool.”

Thank you very much JoseMaria! You can check out developments from Joseph at his Youtube channel and stay up to date with the latest work from Helios Studios on their Facebook page.
As ever, if you have any feedback, ideas or comments we would love to hear them – get in touch in the comments below, or on the CRYENGINE forums, Facebook, and Twitter.


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    Great work, perfect!

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    Amazing texturing and normal mapping. Great job, and I hope you continue.

  • kdnevan

    heyy Guys!! Thx for all!! :)

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