CRYENGINE Community Spotlight – Resonance Gamez

CRYENGINE Community Spotlight – Resonance Gamez

Welcome to our latest Community Spotlight which showcases a CRYENGINE-powered Japanese MMORPG from Resonance Gamez.

Set in the 1800s, this ambitious MMORPG will allow up to 50 players to join raids in a world of combat and magic. Players will join different factions and play different roles, from warriors to blacksmiths and even ship builders as they enter a large fantasy world featuring a deep economy, and in-depth customization and skill systems. All this comes from a core two man team, and we spoke to Qlaud Yoshida from Resonance Gamez about the project and why they chose CRYENGINE:

“We chose CRYENGINE because it was the most suitable engine to achieve an RPG with a realistic appearance. It creates a wonderful world because of its excellent, beautiful rendering! We get very good results thanks to the lighting system. The sophisticated Schematyc system helps to connect level and game designers with programmers and Wavicle is very good. It brings a lot of magic to our RPG efficiently. My current favorite function is the Particle Editor which will help us make plenty of unique magic! We are just two team members in Japan, but we also collaborate with Ivan Hawkes, a great programmer, and our wonderful level designer PianoPolish. We’ve also had a lot of help from the community. The aim is to first release it for Steam so players can log in at any time to explore beautiful levels with friends and then iterate and expand the RPG functionality step-by-step.”

You can check out more about the game at their website and keep in touch with updates by liking the game on Facebook and following Resonance Gamez on Twitter.

Are you making something cool? Make sure we know about it by getting in touch in the comments below, or on the forums, Facebook, and Twitter.


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  • HDN
    • HDN
    • March 01, 2018

    Cool, I like Japanese's games.

  • graf_fridula

    @jmealy718 Hi! First of - it´s cool that you want to learn Cryengine. I was around your age when I opened Cryengine the first time so I have some advices for you so it won´t get frustrated (as I got). My biggest tip is: Specialize! Concentrate on the field you´re mostly interested in. I know that it sounds cool to be able to do everything but in reality you simply can´t do it without spending years after years. My second tip: You should probably start with creating an own map with predone models (GameSDK or similar) On this way you´ll get to know parts of the engine very quickly (it doesn´t require that much knowlede -just watch some Youtube tutorials). Also it´s one of the funniest parts and doesn´t require that much background knowledge in other softwares (Blender, Visual studio). And lastly it´s vry motivating! You´ll see the results very quickly and get motivated to dig deeper into the more complicated parts of the engine. I hope I could help you. If you need further advice PM me

  • jmealy718

    need help with cryengin, im 14 but i still want to learn how cryengin works so i can make a game in the best graphics as possible can, some one hook me up cues this new project ver2.0 looks useful too

  • PaTi6op

    ???????? ??????

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