CRYENGINE Designer Tool

CRYENGINE Designer Tool

We recently made some changes to our Designer Tool to make level and asset creation easier for our users.

In 3.8.1 we upgraded our Designer Tool, which some of you may know as CryDesigner. All user interfaces were replaced with Qt for a very good looking and easy to use tool, but today we want to show you the latest achievement in our efforts to give level designers means to make professional looking levels.

Our Sandbox Designer Aleksander Budzynski has created several examples of the awesome levels you can build with Designer Tool, and yes, everything you’ll see in the next videos was modeled only in Designer Tool!

Chinese Garden:




  • August 10, 2015

Crytek and Basemark Create Virtual Reality Benchmark

  • Community
  • August 18, 2015

Dev Space: Matthjis van der Meide


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