CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to Entity Components

CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to Entity Components

Welcome to your CRYENGINE latest Master Class! Today we’re giving you a comprehensive tutorial covering the Entity Component system in CRYENGINE, the latest video in our series that gives you techniques from experts at the studio.

The tutorial is hosted by Crytek Software Engineer, Alexander Klinger, and in just under an hour you’ll be taken step by step through a simple project which shows you how to use and combine components, and how to create your own custom components in C++. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll be able to make your own components for your projects. Whether you’re new to the system, or are looking to brush up your skills, by watching the video below you’ll be getting tips, techniques, and best practices right from the studio.

If you found this video useful, you may wish to check out our other videos in the Master Class series, including tutorials covering Flow Graph, working with particles, the Designer Tool, UI, audio, character art, environment art, and a series detailing cinematic storytelling. You can gain access to all of our Master Class videos as they are published by subscribing to our YouTube channel, where you’ll also find a wide range of additional learning materials. We hope you enjoyed this latest Master Class. Stay tuned for more, and if you have feedback or comments we’d love to hear them! Get in touch in the comment section, on Discord, the forums, or Facebook and Twitter.


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  • pequenosoldado

    great contribution, it would be interesting to see things with the volume sensor

  • ThePixelMatte

    i still fail to add the material.

  • opermaks

    Finally! Nice! Make more C++ stuff. And also Schematyc. The coding side of development is rather the most difficult and complicated to learn and understand. And the lack of knowledge in coding and visual tools (and its poorness) limits indie devs and new users in realisation of their ideas strongly. So, it should be highlighted especially. Hope, someday you'll catch up UE Blueprints, too. It will be a heroic act worthy of gratitude. My best regards, Crytek! Thanks , Alexander, personally!

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