Dev Space: Florian Sollaneck

Dev Space: Florian Sollaneck

Florian Sollaneck is a 3D Artist for the Content team. He's responsible (among many other things) for the VR demo that comes in the Sandbox since 3.8.1!

Name and position
Florian Sollaneck – Junior 3D Artist

Why did you want to work in the games industry and how did you get started?
Games and art in general were always a huge part of my life. Over time I found myself more and more interested in the development of games as well, and the idea of creating art for games. I decided to work on my own projects based on several tutorials I found scattered around the internet with software like Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Blender. After working with those tools for some time I realized that I wanted to continue to contribute something significant towards the development of a game. I studied game art at university and afterwards I was hired by Crytek as a 3D Artist to create content for CRYENGINE. It’s awesome

What are you working on at the moment? What's first on your to-do list?
As 3D Artist my job is to create different content depending on the SDK's needs, including modeling, texturing, level art and lighting. I also help out with engine related tool issues.

What music do you listen to at work?
That depends on my mood and my tasks. I’ve got some playlists with jazz, metal, electro and chillout, so a bit of a mix!

What tools are you using at the moment?
As the SDK requires a lot of different types of props or environments, I have to cover most of the available tools out there, ranging from standards like 3DS Max, Photoshop and Zbrush to newer software or plugins like Substance Designer/Painter or the Quixel Suite.

What types of games do you like, and what is your favorite game of all time?

I prefer games with a rich and consistent lore like Final Fantasy or Bioshock. I also play more action oriented games like Monster Hunter, Super Mario and Rocket League. My favorite game of all time though, is Persona 4 Golden.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Spending time with my friends, going to pubs, the cinema, concerts or simply playing games together. I also enjoy traveling. The excitement of seeing new places and having new experiences is extremely inspiring.

Where are you going on your next vacation?

Revisiting Japan next year!

Do you have any tips for people wanting to get started in the industry?

It’s all about practice. Love what you do and concentrate on improving what you do. Always be open to new input and ideas and try to improve your workflow. If you want to get into games, building a high quality portfolio should be your number one priority!

If you have questions or comments for Florian, you can do so here.

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