Homebound Global Game Jam Q&A

Homebound Global Game Jam Q&A

We’re making one of Crytek’s Global Game Jam 2019 entries, Homebound, available from the CRYENGINE Marketplace and holding a live webinar with members of the team behind the game.

Homebound, a game where you have to make your way home on a stormy night, was one of the games made at the Crytek site during Global Game Jam 2019, an event we were proud to sponsor. Today, we’ve made the project available on the CRYENGINE Marketplace along with all the source assets and code, so you can check it out in the engine. A team of only six people developed the game using CRYENGINE 5.5.2, and it’s a great example of what can be created in just 48 hours using an unmodified version of the engine. The project makes use of several CRYENGINE systems, including Track View for cinematic sequences, Schematyc Beta, and contains custom code that helped the designers create a dynamic and immersive environment.

To accompany the release, Learning Manager Brian Dilg will be holding a live Q&A on March 15th, 16:00 (UTC), with members of the team who created the game. Alexander Klinger, Software Engineer, Viktor Ikkes, Senior Cinematic Designer, Matthias Otto, Senior Level Designer, and Jean-Baptiste Herve, Junior Software Engineer, will all be joining the session, and you can ask questions about how to make games quickly in CRYENGINE, specifics about Homebound, or anything else CRYENGINE-related. Stay tuned to our social channels as we will announce the details on how to participate nearer to the Q&A. Catch us via Twitter, Facebook, Discord and the CRYENGINE forums or subscribe to the CRYENGINE Newsletter by signing up on the CRYENGINE website.

We hope you find the release of the Homebound project useful and enjoy exploring it in the engine. You can submit questions ahead of the live Q&A in the comments, on the forum, or via Facebook, and Twitter. If you haven’t already signed up, join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on the official CRYENGINE Discord channel.


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