Looking ahead at things to come: CRYENGINE 3.7

Looking ahead at things to come: CRYENGINE 3.7

Today we want to give you a look at some of the new features that will be included in CRYENGINE 3.7, in addition to a large number of fixes, improvements and optimizations.

Character Tool

First up is the new Character Tool, which combines the functionality of several previous tools (Character Editor, Animation Importer, Animation Compression Editor, DBA Editor) into one new tool, with a completely reworked and improved user interface. Also included is asset browsing for all your animation related files.

SDL_Mixer added as a free alternative to Wwise

Our Audio Translation Layer (ATL) has already allowed you to hook up any audio-middle ware of your choice into CRYENGINE, but with 3.7 we are adding built-in support for SDL_mixer as a free and simple alternative to the existing Wwise implementation.

You can see the ability to switch the audio-middleware at runtime in the below video that our Lead Audio Programmer Thomas did for fun.

Improved Temporal Anti-Aliasing

With 3.7, we are introducing the improved Temporal Anti-Aliasing that was shipped with the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome into Engine-as-a-Service, offering a greatly improved image quality at minimal performance cost.

Lighting on transparent objects

When tiled forward shading is enabled, glass will now receive direct lighting (including shadows) and probe-based ambient, making it look a lot more consistent with standard opaque objects.


While not a new feature, we have greatly expanded the functionality of CryDesigner with the addition of the Subdivision tool. Here is a small preview of the results you can achieve with it:

We will have more news on the 3.7 release soon. For now, have a great weekend!



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