Marketplace Spotlight – Add immersion to your project with sweet SFX from Audionfx

Marketplace Spotlight – Add immersion to your project with sweet SFX from Audionfx

Today’s Marketplace Spotlight takes a look at a collection of assets which will make your game sound as good as it plays.

Sound design is crucial when it comes to immersing players in your game. It can look and play brilliantly, but if the sounds are off, players get turned off. If you’re looking for those killer sound effects that can keep your players fully in the game, why not check out Audionfx’s wide range of audio assets available on CRYENGINE Marketplace? Whatever type of game you’ve got, Audionfx have got the sound for you.

For futuristic titles, the 25 High Tech Sounds pack features everything from sci-fi bleeps and blops to laser sounds. You might also want to check out a robot countdown sequence - who knows what will happen in your game when the time runs out? Audionfx also have two comprehensive packs that add everything you need for an alien atmosphere if your title features close encounters of the third kind. Check out these alien atmosphere sound samples on Soundcloud for a taste!

Should your project feature exploration in the natural world, the Forest SX 1 bundle might be right up your street. Featuring high quality sounds of tree branches breaking, footsteps walking across different surfaces, including a forest floor, and the sounds of a mud pool, you are sure to find what you require to give players an atmospheric journey through a wood. 

There are also effects for everything from jet engines and cars to Christmas sound effects, coin sound effects, and UI SFX. Each pack can be previewed for you to find the right pack for your project and comes in a high quality, stereo format. Audionfx can also produce custom effects so drop them a line if you can’t find what you need. 

Sound good to you? Hit CRYENGINE Marketplace and find out how you can boost the audio immersion of your game. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions on our forumsFacebook, and Twitter


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  • lavizh

    Good stuff. One question that comes to mind is will each sound be delivered as dry effect? Far as i can hear you have added several reverb effects on some atmospheres and the jet sounds.

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