Marketplace Spotlight – Check out our round-up of sweet assets that can make the difference for you

Marketplace Spotlight – Check out our round-up of sweet assets that can make the difference for you

From interiors to cobbled flooring and propane tanks, CRYENGINE Marketplace has got a range of awesome ready-to-go assets available RIGHT NOW.

If you’re got an adventure game or shooter and you’re looking for some sweet interiors, 3dboos has got some truly beautiful assets available that can make your game shine. Give your players a corridor perfect for gun play with a free Modern Hall scene, or choose a stunningly rendered classic kitchen environment or modern interior. Each is a five star rated asset and are well worth checking out if you want to move the action from outside to inside. 

Haytch0 has a couple of great packs available for you if you’re looking to add some atmosphere to your environments.  The Graffiti Decal Pack #1 is perfect for covering walls and buildings with the mark of a human resistance with a range of cool tags. And if you’re looking for a beautiful cobbled floor texture for your game, look no further than the Cobble Floor Mix, created entirely in Substance Designer, which delivers a high level of photorealism. 

Long time community member neverfollow81 has got the ideal props for your shooter – oxygen and propane tanks! He also has a couple of sweet extra assets to add evidence of human activity to your levels with metal and plastic trash bins, and if you have an industrial scene in your game, an electric power compressor will fit right in. Take a look at all of them on CRYENGINE Marketplace right now. 

All of these high quality assets are worth checking out, and if you decide to pick them up, don’t forget to leave a review. And of course, we’d love to see your work! Let us know and give us your feedback on the usual channels - CRYENGINE forumFacebook, and Twitter . 


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