Marketplace Spotlight: Creepy assets for Halloween

Marketplace Spotlight: Creepy assets for Halloween

It’s the spooky season, so get in the mood with a range of dread-inducing assets to put the frighteners on your players.

Halloween ‘tis the season to embrace the dark side, so head to CRYENGINE Marketplace which is home to all manner of assets that can add some serious scares to your game.

What better setting for a spooky shooter than an asylum? Get yourself up and running quickly with props for a place dripping with dread by grabbing the Deceit Asset Pack, provided for free by our friends at Automaton. Assets provided include cell doors, an escape hatch, bathroom props, and more.

Treat yourself to a five-star rated free bundle of medieval weapons from TheEmber. Ideal for dismemberment, there’s all manner of brutal ways to wield this range of axes, knives, and swords, leading players and enemies alike to an unfortunate end.

There are plenty more assets to darkly dress your scenes with. KADEN2016 has provided truly creepy old rusty lockers for an abandoned school location. An old hospital gurney from GamePoly, featuring spinning wheels and scratch textures, might be just what you’re looking for to freak your players out. GamePoly also provides detailed paper debris which could have been abandoned in a hurry or contain sinister secrets.

Or why not take this year's horror season to a whole new level with this menacing elevator by RomanMaltsev?

And if you're on a low budget, don't fret! We’re sure you’ll find a use for a gruesome medieval torture bed, a brutal machete, and a creepy rocking chair, which are all superb quality free assets from zeenoh.

A horror setting requires a horror soundtrack and sound effects. CRYENGINE Marketplace has plenty of pro-grade options for you to take advantage of including the Horror Music Pack, where you can try samples from soundtracks that will present you with “a closed door and the terror that lies behind it,” or you could pick up a collection of tracks and effects inspired by an Asylum, including ghostly groans, freaky shrieking instruments, and eerie tones and clanks from Epic Stock Media. If your project features a zombie apocalypse and you want to unleash the living dead upon your players, the AAA Game Character Undead pack has a huge sound library including dialogue, ghastly battle cries, roars, coughs, and dying sounds.

Spook up your project with these assets and more from CRYENGINE Marketplace, and don’t forget to leave a review. As ever, we look forward to your feedback on the official forums, CRYENGINE Discord, Facebook, or Twitter.


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    The marketplace is an embarrassment. Only one character that is even very time and place specific. Also items are in wrong category e.g.: Maiden Fountain as woman character Hot Air Balloon as helicopter.

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