Marketplace Spotlight: Epic assets for historical games

Marketplace Spotlight: Epic assets for historical games

If you’re using CRYENGINE to transport players to the past, then you’ll want to check out these historical weapon assets available right now on CRYENGINE Marketplace.

Let your players show their skills with a mighty blade by picking up this sweet, sharp sword from revolutionart. Featuring intricate detail on the steel, this epic prop could be just the thing for your next medieval adventure.

Power up your period piece with the awesome Field Cannon and Carriage Pack from vise19 that’ll let gamers blast their enemies back to kingdom come. Featuring a mighty gun, carriage, and cannon balls, this pack is perfect for staging set-piece battles on a grand scale.

Each of these assets are available on CRYENGINE Marketplace right now, alongside a whole host of props for your game, whenever it’s set. If you decide to pick up an asset or three, don’t forget to leave a review. As ever, if you’re making something awesome, let us know on the forums, Facebook, or Twitter.


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  • April 05, 2018

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