Marketplace Spotlight- Holiday Sale

Marketplace Spotlight- Holiday Sale

Welcome back to another Marketplace Spotlight, and welcome all to our first ever Holiday Sale here on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. To celebrate the occasion, we have partnered with some of the most prolific vendors to bring you great discounts across a wide variety of assets for all your CRYENGINE game development needs. You can take advantage of these savings until January 3rd.

Boom Library - 30% off across the catalogue

Boom Library offers a huge selection of assets that should cover all your audio needs- from human combat shouts to a wide variety of animals (both real and fantastic), interface sound effects, weapons and even full music tracks. And with a 30% discount across all of their 126 assets, now is the time to give your game a new soundscape on the cheap.

Epidemic Sound - 30% off across the catalogue 

Of course, it is always important to have options as a customer- and Epidemic Sound offers users of our Marketplace the choice between an astonishing 297 music tracks, all of which can be bought for 30% off this weekend. From foreboding music perfectly suited to a horror game to upbeat tracks you can picture in a sunny platforming level, these songs cover the entire spectrum of genres and moods.

Lex4Art - 50% off across the catalogue 

One of the most popular vendors on our Marketplace is Lex4Art, and anyone who has ever browsed his selection of more than 50 available materials can immediately see why. Not only are all of his assets (covering a range of metallic, wooden and stone surfaces) very well done, they are also very affordable- and that is even without the generous 50% off in the current sale!

MoCap - 50% off across the catalogue until November 28th (30% until January 3rd) 

MoCap (previously working under the name Motus Digital) delivers exactly what their name promises, with 13 different packs (each with dozens of individual animations) of motion captured animations available for developers. Rifle-wielding hands, MMA punches or zombies- these packs have you covered, and are 50% off until Monday. Afterwards, they will offer a discount of 30% across all their assets until January 3rd.

Happy shopping and development!

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