Marketplace Spotlight – October 21st

Marketplace Spotlight – October 21st

Welcome back for yet more great assets you can find on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. Today we want to shine the spotlight on our beginners pack, free medieval weapons and some horrifying monster sounds.

"Medieval Weapons Pack" by TheEmber - FREE

User TheEmber decided to fully embrace the spirit of collaboration and community that CRYENGINE V is all about by releasing this asset pack of 8 medieval-themed weapons from their current project "Saga of the Sparks: Stories of Black and White" for the low, low price of completely free! Included are a selection of different daggers and knifes, two axes and a bush hook. Be sure to leave a comment and thank TheEmber for making these assets available to his fellow CRYENGINE users for free!

"CRYENGINE V Beginners Pack" by Crytek - FREE

The Beginners Guide Pack includes the height- and colormap used in our CRYENGINE Beginners Guide in the Documentation. Just like all of our other sample assets and projects, it is of course entirely free for all CRYENGINE V users, and perfectly suited a first step for anyone just starting out in the exciting world of game development.

"Troll Monster Vocalizations" by GamemasterAudio - €9,99

This audio pack consists of 194 vocal sounds for trolls (or many other fantasy, horror or sci-fi monsters), including a wide range of screams, cries and menacing laughter sounds- perfect to give your boss fights the right aural atmosphere!

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  • October 13, 2016

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