Marketplace Spotlight - RYSE Legionnaire Sample

Marketplace Spotlight - RYSE Legionnaire Sample

Missed the Humble Bundle stuffed with asset goodness from RYSE - Son of Rome? Back by popular demand: we're about to release them to our Marketplace this week!

Everybody loves history when it's as juicy and action ridden as stories of the ancient Roman empire, right?

Well good news then as we are about to release several asset packs formerly used in the creation of RYSE- Son of Rome this week! Previously only available through the Humble Bundle Pack for use in CRYENGINE we are bringing these assets back due to popular demand. 

Starting with the RYSE - Legionnaire Sample we will release all assets previously available in Humble Bundle to our Marketplace - and even more, so stay tuned! Of course all packs are going to be for free.

The Legionnaire Sample is a character sample that developers can use to examine and mod into their games for CRYENGINE to bring their very own vision of the Roman Empire to life. Build your own army to defeat the Gauls or make a band of Legionnaires the target of your next tribal raid - everything goes! Of course, your imagination isn't limited to re-enact ancient history and we are looking forward to see what our creative community of CRYengineers will be coming up with, so make sure to keep us posted.

Stay tuned for the next release tomorrow! Hint: It's going to be something 'big'. 

Any questions, comments, feedback - let us know on Social Media and in the comments!

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  • bryan2121

    Can anyone tell me how to import assets in cryengine 5, I'm new to this.

  • spotdot

    Thanks! Love it!

  • ahm3d

    can u please provide us 3ds max rig ?

  • specta

    Hint: It's going to be something 'big'. Got to be the elephant :) Got it in the bundle , great model

  • pasharakin

    it have rig in maya?,

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