Marketplace Spotlight - Wilderness Assets

Marketplace Spotlight - Wilderness Assets

Looking for a Christmas tree or just enjoying the holiday season? We bring you an early gift to celebrate: A brandnew vegetation asset pack, suitable for all four seasons!

Coming from one of our talented Junior Tech Artists, Marika Speck, this asset pack is bursting with vegetation and seasonal content.

This project is available as a collection of nature assets for your scenes in your game for free! It contains various versions of trees and grass. Along with the variation of standard weather and snow covered assets for a great range of scenery as the end result.

As the season is coming closer, we want to inspire you to create holiday fun to your heart's content! Don't forget to share on Twitter, Facebook and the official forums. As always, questions, comments, feedback - send it right to us and remember to leave a review on the marketplace after trying the assets.

Created and prepared by our content team with love & within CRYENGINE.

Check it out on our Marketplace for free now!


  • CRYENGINE Official
  • November 02, 2016

CRYENGINE Launcher Update Nov 2nd

  • November 24, 2016

An update on our Sandbox interface and the Legacy Editor


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  • Endi24

    I am happy that there are indie developers using CryEngine5, even in its current state. I don't since it lacks tutorials, but once they get them up and running, it wont take long for me to join you.

  • SwedeSeaDragon

    Dear friends,me very need map Crysis Wars : derail. Thx. H.N.Y. !!!

  • CrimzonOdyssey

    Thanks for sharing the assets, this will surely help speed up my nature scenes, Cheers!

  • Faisalmd98

    THANK YOU!!!

  • 3dboos

    Thank you!here my job

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