New CRYENGINE forum is go!

New CRYENGINE forum is go!

We finally did it! Our new, improved, and ever-so-shiny forum is now available for your browsing and posting pleasure.

The forum was long overdue updating, and we’ve had a little reorganization that should make it easier to navigate to the place you need to be, retired some old sub-forums, and added new sections which we hope you find useful. We have archived the old forum, which is now read-only, and you can access it here or via “Community Archive” under the “Community” tab on the website. 

Changes & Challenges in a nutshell:

If you had issues logging in or posting before, these should be resolved now.

The forum is still a little bit slow, but we’re working on it.

The Forum Guidelines have been updated, so please read them carefully!

If you want to get your work in CRYENGINE featured by our official channels, please check out our updated branding guidelines here .

Feedback for the new forum and our web-services now has a dedicated forum here .

We have added a new Collaboration- & Recruitment section .

You can now advertise your marketplace items in our brand new Marketplace forum . 

You can now subscribe to a topic by clicking the triangle next to its name and expand further dialogue options.

A user's profile information can be expanded by clicking on their avatar.

We know the CRYENGINE forum is a valuable resource for you to connect and collaborate with other members of the community and the team at Crytek, so hopefully this update will improve the experience. You can access the forum by following this link and do let us know your feedback! 

-Nic & Pete

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  • February 07, 2017

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  • SalahAdDin

    Hey, exist and archive, very good! Thanks.

  • ThePriest909

    Finally!!! Thanks!!!

  • Squall_dk

    perfect, thanks!

  • Cry-Nic

    @Squall_dk As said in the article, the Community Archive can be accessed by navigating to the top bar, hit 'Community' and chose 'Community Archive' in the dropdown. The link in the article has been updated.

  • themodman101

    Sweet!, checking it out now.

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