Seasonal Winter Assets

Seasonal Winter Assets

‘Tis the season to make awesome video games, so check out a range of assets and effects from CRYENGINE Marketplace that are perfect for winter scenes…

If you’re looking to send players to a winter wonderland or want to create a chilling horror game set in the depths of an icy wilderness, CRYENGINE Marketplace has a range of seasonal assets perfect to get you up and running quickly.

If you haven’t already grabbed our free assets from The Climb, then now is the time. Featuring polar bears, arctic foxes, and birds of prey, all with animations, you can add plenty of life to a wilderness. You’ll also find a range of rock, waterfall, and river assets to build out a mountainous winter region.

CGTrader provides everything you need to create a charming winter forest in the aptly named Winter Forest pack - also available on CRYENGINE Marketplace! This selection of gorgeous hand-painted assets includes fences, signs, rocks, and snow-capped trees, perfect for cartoon-styled or fantasy-style games.

To create your own winter scene, you’ll want some winter textures. And GameTextures has you covered with a wide variety of low priced, high quality textures for a range of different scenarios, from packed layered ice and cracked snow and ice, to snowy avalanches, cliff faces, and an icy snowfield. Each is a ready to go material prepared for physically-based shading. Check. Them. Out.

Now you’ve covered your level in snow, you’ll want some audio to go along with it. Let your players tramp around realistically, or feel the terror of enemies creeping or running towards them, with the Winter Footsteps Collection from Studio 23. Featuring over 300 high quality files, including loops and sequences, you’ll have every player and NPC state covered.

Listen in on the free demo on Soundcloud!

And don't forget our Wilderness Asset pack - it also comes with nice winter-y trees!

Or are you in need of further inspiration? Then check out AdroVGames' new noir-thriller ShadowSide - Achieved with CRYENGINE - which is on sale this Steam Winter Sale for an incredible price! and features stunning and chilling snow-scapes to explore.

Check out all of these assets and more over at CRYENGINE Marketplace and don’t forget to leave a review. Are you looking to pick up a specific asset that could help your project? Let us know on the forums, the official CRYENGINE Discord, Facebook, or Twitter.


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