Umbra Developer Insights

Umbra Developer Insights

We're nearing the end of Umbra's Kickstarter campaign, and we don't want you to miss any of the cool new features SolarFall Games has included in their beautiful A-RPG. We also want to introduce "Indie Insights", the new showcase initiative for indie developers building their games with CRYENGINE.

Umbra’s Kickstarter campaign is almost over and we’re elated with its success. SolarFall Games are the small French studio behind this gorgeous Action-RPG, and we had the opportunity to talk to them in our booth during GDC 15. From that interview, we created the first in what will become a series of video interviews with small indie studios using CRYENGINE. Today we present you Umbra’s “Indie Insights”.

We have heard a lot about some of the most exciting features of the game and SolarFall has finally released a video about the fun and unique Apocalyptic Form, the ultimate power which allows the player to combine up to three of the many different available forms, including wings, body of fire, shadow form or even a third arm- can you say triple-wielded swords?

Another area where Umbra sets itself apart from its fellow isometric Action-RPGs is the character creation, with an in-depth level of customization that is closer to what you would expect from a MMO- down to individual colors for both eyes!

Umbra’s levels and dungeons are randomly generated to bring maximum replayability to the game. SolarFall also wants the modding community to be involved with Umbra, so they made it very simple for anyone with access to the CRYENGINE Sandbox to create their own modifications and content.

As of now, Umbra has surpassed their $225,000 goal and has achieved over 10 stretch goals, including a special multiplayer mode! The game will be released in 2016, but for those impatient like us, all backers above the Sorcerer tier will have Alpha access to the game around November 2015.

Take a look at the last remaining stretch goals and don’t miss your last chance to back this great project on their Kickstarter campaign page.

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