Audio assets for dragons and more!
Audio assets for dragons and more!

Audio assets for dragons and more!

The CRYENGINE Marketplace is full of assets which you can drop straight into your project, and today we’re checking out a range of awesome SFX packs for monsters and beasts.

When it comes to games, visuals let your players see your world, but audio makes your players feel truly present in it. If you’re making a fantasy, RPG, or horror game featuring beasts and monsters you’ll want to check out these immersive assets which will make your creatures sound as good as they look.

The Monster Sound FX Pack 1 from David Dumais Music is a bumper collection of creative, captivating, and chilling sounds. Featuring 11 monsters with different actions and states, including a range of roars, breathing sounds, and growls, you’ll be able to infuse your creatures with emotion and character, bringing them to life.

Preview the Monster Sound FX pack on SoundCloud

If you’re looking for a specific sound for a beast, Game Audio Vision has a range of SFX packs that could fit the bill. If you have fantasy elements in your game, then what could be better than a mighty dragon? The Creature Dragon pack features a range of effects, including growls, breathing, and a fire-breathing roar!

Preview the Create Dragon pack on YouTube

You might also want to pick up the Element Fire pack, featuring sounds for the destruction wrought by your dragon upon the battlefields and towns below them.

Preview the Element Fire pack on YouTube

What’s better than a horse? A demon horse, of course! Including a creepy range of neighs, snorts and clattering hoof sounds, this pack will help your players ride on the wilder side.

Preview the Demon Horse pack on YouTube

If your monsters are a little more cute than creepy, the Creature Candy Monster pack features a range of charming and delightful emotion sounds including happy, affirmative, and denial states. Aww.

Preview the Candy Monster pack on YouTube

Another two packs we love from Game Audio Vision are the Creature Smilodon collection, including roars, growls, and bites, and the Creature Mammoth pack featuring trumpeting sounds and the heaviest of footsteps.

Preview the Creature Smilodon and the Creature Mammoth packs on YouTube.

Check out all of these assets and more over on the CRYENGINE Marketplace and don’t forget to leave a review if you pick something up and find it useful.

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