Beautiful Cars Scene
Beautiful Cars Scene

Beautiful Cars Scene

Afternoon cool cats! Today we're going to scratch an itch for all the speed junkies and car fanatics out there.

Afternoon cool cats! Today we're going to scratch an itch for all the speed junkies and car fanatics out there. Talented modder wjmoosting has set out on a project to create a scene featuring the gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador, a well known head turning supercar. Using a model created by a friend in Google SketchUp, wjmoosting went on to do the exporting, setting up the in-engine lighting, and adjusting the car's materials to fit the scene. The result is a stunning showcase of the car in an almost dream-like environment, which resembles the vehicle's visual perfection in an uncanny way.

The artist was kind enough to provide us some background on what this project means to him and what motivated him to do it. Mark (wjmoosting), goes on:
Quote by wjmoosting:
I started using CryEngine 3 a few years ago. Back then I had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted to make. After a long while of learning from Youtube, Crydev and the Docs, I now pretty much know my way around in CryEngine 3.

1.jpg 2.jpg

Following the completion of his first project, Epic Playground, Mark had a bit of a falling out with CE3 after working for a team on a less than fruitful venture. Nevertheless, he couldn't stay away for too long, and returned with a fresh mind and fresh ideas:
Quote by wjmoosting:
I decided to make some kind of scene with a few exotic cars in them; I really like cars and I've drawn a lot of them back in the day.
When starting a new scene, I didn't even know exactly what I was going to create... This is part of what I like about making stuff with CryEngine 3. My creative mind takes over and makes something amazing without me even thinking.

3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

After finding a friend who has modeled the Aventador, Mark had to split the car up into pieces to export it due to the huge amount of polygons. Working next on the general lighting and setup of the scene, the artist moved onto the materials, researching how light reacts to car paint and creating a grainy spec map to simulate a matte finish for the car's surface. Finally he used a clever trick to create the car's reflection in the floor:
Quote by wjmoosting:
I thought there should be a nice reflection of the car underneath it. Of course CE 3 has really nice [Screen Space Reflections], but I wanted it to be even more detailed. Then I had a cool idea. Why not copy the car over and flip it?
Lastly, I've added a large solid cube under it and made a new material for it. This has a glass shader on it with a bumpmap and blur refraction to make it look a bit less 'perfect'.

carprogress1.png carprogress2.png

Before we part ways for this post, here are a few more excellent shots of wjmoosting's work:

6.jpg 7.jpg
8.jpg 9.jpg

That concludes today's feature! We hope you enjoyed it. As always, we urge you to hop on over to wjmoosting's project thread and leave some praise & feedback. We look forward to seeing what Mark will bring to us in the future. Adios!

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