Community Spotlight: Games In Motion - Animal Assets
Community Spotlight: Games In Motion - Animal Assets

Community Spotlight: Games In Motion - Animal Assets

In our weekly spotlights, we show meaningful projects from the CRYENGINE community to give creators who add value a shout out. In the past we featured a wide range of contributions from games down to 2D art portfolios. We want to bring people together and make sure the variety of creators that is needed to make a game is properly showcased.

This time around we'll be featuring Games in Motion (GIM) and their assets available on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. Do you need great animal assets for your game? These guys are delivering.

The team focuses on creating animal 3D models and bringing them to the store as a full package with game AI ready animations, meshes and sound fx. So far they have a total of eight impressive animals for sale with lots more coming soon!

The currently available animals areBruno the Buffalo, Robert the Deer, Simon the Raccoon, Bruno the Bear, Benny the Rat, Gertrude the Spider, Wanda the Fox and Richard the Wolf.

With these eight animals on the Marketplace, all combined they have a total of 587 animations. All animals have two stylized meshes and come with dedicated Sound FX's for each specific animal + bonus assets. Every single asset is game ready and can simple be copy / pasted into the asset directory and it's ready to go.

We asked the GIM developers a few questions about what their past experience is and how they develop the animals for usage in an engine.

So please tell the community about who you guys are and where you are from?

We are from Slovakia and before we founded GiM we have been working in the industry for about 15 years for companies like Cauldron, Bohemia Interactive, TDK or Activision.

Can you tell us a little bit about your past experience and projects?

During those 15 years we have been working on over 20 games for many platforms like Play Station 2,3,4, Nintendo consoles, all XBox consoles and of course PC. Some of those games we worked on - Soldier of Fortune: Payback, History Channel Civil War: Nation Divided, Cabela's Hunter Games 2010-2014. We made those games for most of the major platforms available at the time.

Wow, that’s a lot of experience! What's in the pipeline of future assets from GIM to look forward to in the Marketplace?

We are currently playing with a few ideas, domestic and African animals being among them. We don't have ETA for them yet, because it also depends on how much people like and need our animals.

How long would a typical animal take to develop, from modeling down to all the animations?

It depends on the complexity of the particular animal, but it's usually something between 1 and 2,5 months. Our core team consists of 3, but when needed, experienced friends from the field can help us out.

Are the animation and behavior hand made or do you guys have actual deer and beers in a mo-cap studio?

It's a long story which started a few years ago when we adopted a few animals, more specifically Theo, Robert and Wanda. We first had to pay them some acting classes and let them get comfortable with the motion capture suit. Fast forward a few years and we were able to get some cool performance in the mo-cap studio from them. They are really amazing bunch of guys and gals, just feed them a developer every now and then and they are fine.

Now when I’m thinking about it, I'm not sure if that's how it happened or if it was one of these plans we had but then dropped it. ;) Nah, we are really animating the animals by hand. We really prefer animals to happily run around out there in the wild. We only use mo-cap on pesky humans.

What modeling and sculpting software are you guys using during the development process?

We are using the standard package consisting of 3DSMax, Mudbox and Photoshop. In specific cases we also use photogrammetry, mostly as a base input for further modifications. Even though raw results of photgrammetry are hardly usable in game environment, they help us to create better model layout and also textures.

Thanks for taking the time and keep up the good work guys!

Prices ranges from €49,99 - €149,99.

Get their assets from the Marketplace here! 

Games In Motion Website 


August 08, 2018 18:16

Hi guys , Where are all those awesome assets, I can't find them in the market!!!

Unknown user
August 11, 2016 16:46

Awesome work guys!