Community Spotlight: Marooned: Arcanus Island
Community Spotlight: Marooned: Arcanus Island

Community Spotlight: Marooned: Arcanus Island

Every week we bring you a sample of our favorite community games, levels and assets. This week we are stranded on a faraway island that will bring happy memories to fans of the first Far Cry and Crysis. Marooned: Arcanus Island is Mike Crossley's project with a lot of cool custom tech!

Marooned: Arcanus Island is under development by Mike Crossley (aka Fudsine), the game takes us back to what made CRYENGINE and Crysis popular in the first place, the lush jungles and islands! You enter the island as the player who recently survived a boat lost in a great storm. When you wake up you have washed up against the shores on an island untouched by modern society.

Marooned will feature a huge 16km^2 map with dense jungles, dynamic weather, day/night cycles and will take advantage of the new Volumetric Cloud system. The player will be able to craft items and collect resources from trees and surroundings. You must build a shelter and protect yourself against the elements and wildlife to survive and eventually one day hope to escape the island.

If you prefer to play with other players, Marooned will come with co-op functionality but with an alternative cooperative story with up to 4 players on launch.

What makes this project a lot more interesting is the development of a custom ocean shader. Thanks to the recent release of CRYENGINE V the developer community now has full engine and shader source for free. Below you can see the ocean wave height based on the depth of the actual water.

The Beaufort wind force scale factor to change the intensity of the ocean, it's still in active development but it shows great progress. The community will be glad to know that Fudsine will release the custom ocean shader on the CRYENGINE Marketplace when it's finished!

This marks the end of this news article. Be sure to follow Fudsine's Marooned project now greenlit on Steam. If development is steady it should see the light of day later in 2016.

- Lavizh

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April 01, 2016 21:41

Is that allowed to use Crysis 1 assets in CryEngine 5?