Community Spotlight: War of Rights update
Community Spotlight: War of Rights update

Community Spotlight: War of Rights update

In this week’s Community Spotlight we’ll be taking a look at the progress Campfire Games have made on War of Rights.

Much has happened since we last featured War of Rights back in February, though the game is still an ambitious multiplayer shooter that wants to present the events of the American Civil War in the most realistic and historically accurate way possible! Campfire Games is doing great and development seems to be going strong.

Confederate Officers are taking shape, ranging from foot soldiers to generals. Uniforms were inspired by French and Austrian uniform styles, which had unique colors and shapes.

Backers have eagerly waited to get into the Alpha since the crowdfunding started. The good news now is that every backer at Lieutenant-Colonel tier and above will receive an invite shortly. The target for the Alpha is mid-May, so stay tuned. Campfire Games will open up for more backers later on, as testing is done.

Another important part of an officer's equipment was his sword. Since medieval times, swords have carried the connotation of power and authority, and the 1850 Foot Officers Sword was designed to be the ultimate representation of that.

Campfire Games have set up offices in Denmark. Seems like a cozy indie establishment. We congratulate them on their success and wish them the best of luck with War of Rights and any future games they make.

So if you like what you see and want to back these guys with further development, head over to their website for further info.

- Lavizh

Lead Moderator