Excellent Environment Props
Excellent Environment Props

Excellent Environment Props

The CRYENGINE Marketplace is home to a wide range of paid and free assets and today we’re checking out these beautiful environment pieces for a classroom, basement bedroom, and playground.

A great game environment gives a great sense of place. If you’re creating a game with a Stranger Things retro vibe then these beautifully created environment collections from Martin Schwarz could be perfect for getting your scenes up and running quickly.

The 80s Room Pack features everything you need to create an atmospheric basement filled with assets that evoke the era. This bumper pack of 33 game-ready props includes a retro sound system, period furniture, vinyl, a games console, a lava lamp, and much more.

Of course, you won’t want your players dwelling in the basement all day, so why send them to school? The Classroom Asset Pack includes 24 game-ready models including a blackboard, chair, cabinet, lamp, tables, a map of the world, a cork board, clock, and, well, everything you need to create a school scene.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so when the bell rings, send your characters out for a spot of R&R with the Playground Asset Pack. This collection features 18 models that can be dropped straight into your project, including a bench, jungle gym, horizontal bars, a seesaw, swing, climbing frame, and plenty more props to build out a play area for a school or a park.

Check out all of these assets and more over on the CRYENGINE Marketplace and don’t forget to leave a review if an asset makes the difference for you.

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