Fire up your project with game-ready military assets
Fire up your project with game-ready military assets

Fire up your project with game-ready military assets

The CRYENGINE Marketplace is packed full of free and paid assets which you can drop straight into your project, and today we’re checking out a range of military-themed assets perfect for any contemporary shooter.

War is hell. But finding assets for your next shooter needn’t be, so we’ve pulled out a range of assets that will get your run-and-gun game up-and-running quickly.

Vishrck has created two free-to-use soldiers that would suit any contemporary military game. The Military Soldier and Cobra Soldier are two characters which can slot right into your game, and you can edit and customize them to your chosen specification.

A soldier is only as good as his weapon, and Eizen’s Sniper Rifles are as good as it gets. This free-to-use pack features beautiful, five-star-rated long-range weapons crafted with extreme detail to bear the scars of war. Go and get the pack and see what all the fuss is about.

Your weapons should sound as good as they look so if you’re equipping your players or NPCs with a sidearm, check out the S23 M1911 Handgun Collection from Studio 23. Featuring 204 high-quality .wav files, the pack includes multiple gunshot types, along with bullet impacts and effects, gun scrapes and multiple handling sounds. The full reloading sequence of the gun has been recorded and edited into individual parts to accompany any animation, giving you complete control over your project.

You can check out the SoundCloud previews here:

Finchy 101 has created the Fence Bundle featuring six fences and eight gate models, ideal for creating a compound or yard for a military base. The fences and gates range from chain links to barb wire, metal sheets and even gate doors for high-security areas, giving you a great deal of flexibility for when you are creating your levels.

MoCapOnline has two fantastic bundles of game-ready rifle animations ready which will quickly add realism to your characters. The Rifle Starter Mocap pack includes 21+ CRYENGINE rifle animations and includes idles, walking, jogging, crouching, aims, turns, jumps and transition animations.

If you want to take things to the next level, you could opt for the full-fat Rifle Pro: MoCap Animation Pack which includes 516+ CRYENGINE rifle animations. This comprehensive pack includes idles, aiming, shooting, turns, deaths, and transitions. It also includes movement in eight directions with crouches and jumps, plus walking, jogging, running and strafing.

Check out all of these assets and more over on the CRYENGINE Marketplace and don’t forget to leave a review if you pick something up and find it useful. Are you working on a shooter right now? Make sure you let us know in the comments, on the forums, Facebook, or Twitter. If you’re looking for a specific asset that could make the difference, don’t forget to join the community and CRYENGINE staff over on our Discord channel and ask away.