Homebound Case Study
Homebound Case Study

Homebound Case Study

CRYENGINE was a proud sponsor of Global Game Jam 2019 and today we have released an in-depth video case study about Homebound, one of our entries. Find out how the team used CRYENGINE to create the game in just 48 hours and get practical tips on how you can use the same techniques.

Homebound is a game where you have to make your way home after a night working in a bar. You can download the Homebound project from the CRYENGINE Marketplace so you can investigate the game in the engine. In our in-depth new video, Learning Manager Brian Dilg demonstrates a series of techniques used to create the project, with additional commentary from some of the members of the team that made the game. Jean-Baptiste Hervé, Junior Software Engineer for CRYENGINE, Viktor Ikkes, Senior Cinematic Designer for Hunt, Alexander Klinger, Software Engineer for CRYENGINE, and Matthias Otto, Senior Level Designer for Hunt, all give insights about how they made the game so quickly as Brian demonstrates a range of techniques that you can use.

Topics covered include:

  • Custom C++ programming
  • Level design
  • Flow Graph level scripting
  • And plenty more!

This video is a substantial case study packed with useful examples and tutorials, so whether you’re new to CRYENGINE or looking for practical ways to accelerate your work with the engine, we hope you’ll find this video useful.

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