Marketplace Spotlight - August 24th
Marketplace Spotlight - August 24th

Marketplace Spotlight - August 24th

Welcome to our first Marketplace Spotlight blog! In this new format, we want to highlight some of the great assets that our community members and industry partners are selling on our CRYENGINE Marketplace

To show the breadth and variety of content being sold, we have chosen a ready-to-use material, some vegetation objects as well as a an epic music track.

“Carribean Beach with Debris” by GameTextures - €4,50

Not only has CRYENGINE always been associated with tropical beaches thanks to Far Cry and Crysis- it is also the hottest week of the year here in Frankfurt. So what better choice to pick from Gametextures over 300 assets on the Marketplace than the Carribean Beach with Debris material?

As a ready to use material, you just need to unzip your purchase inside your game folder and you are good to go.

“Japonicas” by birdeez - €11,60

Speaking of tropical beaches: birdeez has specialized in selling asset packs for vegetation, and we picked his japonica pack for today’s spotlight. Included in this pack are game ready models (including PBR textures and vertex painted leaves for wind) of ten variations and three varieties of japonicas. 

Voices of War 2” by Epidemic Sound - €99,00

Epidemic Sound has long been a highly respected name when it comes to providing music for films and tv, and we are stoked to have them provide many of their great music tracks for sale on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. For today’s spotlight, we picked “Voices of War 2”, an epic orchestral track with choir that would fit right in with any fantasy game’s final boss fight.

So there you have it- three great pieces of content that show the sheer variety – not to mention the quality – on offer on the CRYENGINE Marketplace

August 24, 2016 19:07

Scripts, good assets? When?