New CRYENGINE Documentation Live
New CRYENGINE Documentation Live

New CRYENGINE Documentation Live

We're very excited to announce that the new, official CRYENGINE documentation portal is now live and ready for your consumption! With over 800 articles, its our biggest, most thorough collection of CRYENGINE information to date and you will have direct access to articles the instant they're updated or added.

The new portal is also built on the latest (almost) version of Confluence, meaning that it's much nicer to use and more feature-rich. Our aim in building this new portal was to keep it as close to vanilla as possible, making it easier to keep up to date so that you always have the best experience possible when reading CRYENGINE documentation.

When you visit, you'll be automatically directed to CRYENGINE Home, the home page where you'll find the core information about the CRYENGINE SDK. Versions, release notes, system requirements and very-first steps to get you started. At the bottom of the home page you'll find an "Updates" list that spans all Spaces of the documentation. So keep an eye out here for the latest updates and additions to documentation.

Sandbox Manual, most of you will probably be fairly familiar with. This section covers pretty much every aspect of the Sandbox toolset. From entity descriptions, to flow graph use, to animation tutorials, if it's available within Sandbox, you should find information on it here. You should also note that at the bottom of each space, you'll find a bit of text saying "Click here to expand...". Clicking this will display a list of recently updated/added documentation, specific to this Space. So, if you're looking for updates to Asset Creation documents in particular, check at the bottom of the Asset Creation Guide space.

Hopefully you'll also notice that the
Technical Documentation and Scripting Manual sections have also grown a bit as well, 41 new articles to be precise! And last but certainly not least, the CVar documentation has also been updated to the absolute (today's!) latest version and we've also established a workflow to make sure that this doesn't get left behind again. One trick we did with the CVar documentation space is that it is marked as "Archived", meaning that it won't automatically be included in search results (often polluting result when the user doesn't want it). You can include this section in your searches by checking the "Included archived spaces" checkbox on the search page.

Of course, with any new system, we expect there may be some glitches that are still yet to be found and ironed out but we wanted to make sure that the system was as good as it could be for launch, so we apologize for the delay in getting these docs to you, especially those which cover the latest features in
CRYENGINE 3.5! We of course continue to welcome your feedback on the documentation here: CRYENGINE Documentation

- Crytek