Spotlight: On Your Own
Spotlight: On Your Own

Spotlight: On Your Own

Taking a look at a promising exploration and survival game, created by one man on his own.

It is always amazing what one person can do all by themself when it comes to developing games. It usually requires a team of 50 people to create such an atmospheric, beautiful and well thought-out game as our forum user neverfollow81 did all by himself. He is the definition of an one man army, currently creating a game called "On Your Own" (coincidence?).

The game is an exploration survival type of game, similar to popular titles such as "The Forest". You're stranded on this strange island and you need to survive on your own - no map, no help, no guidelines or objectives. You need to look for food, water and build a shelter if you wish to survive, just like in real life. The game will feature a huge open world environment, where players need to explore a lot and piece together a story for themselves. Of course, there are some (probably creepy) things inhabiting the islands, just so you are under an even higher pressure.

Please visit the author's thread below to find a greater collection of amazing pictures and feel free to drop in with some feedback and suggestions. Who knows, he might even need an extra member or two!

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Author: Tadej "Vigilante" Kupcic