Time Squared in Early Access on Steam
Time Squared in Early Access on Steam

Time Squared in Early Access on Steam

Check out our interview with Thomas Marot Magné, one of the developers behind Time Squared, a CRYENGINE shooter in Early Access on Steam!

Time Squared is a CRYENGINE-powered indie game set during the Cold War at a time when tensions are mounting, and a terrorist threat could trigger an all-out war between the USA and the USSR. Find out more in our interview with Thomas Marot Magné from FUSIS Games.

Hey Thomas! Can you tell us what players can expect in Time Squared?

Time Squared is a focused first-person shooter that we hope is pleasing to play! Players can expect a big world to explore and fight through, from beaches to snowy mountains. Time Squared is an open-world game, so players will be able to follow the story or just take their time and explore.

You play as an elite soldier, and you’ll almost always be guided by Sermo, your mission operator, by radio. She’ll follow you everywhere thanks to a device implanted in your brain. She’ll see what you see and hear what you hear. To get about in the large open world, you’ll have access to an armored 4x4 called the FENEC-081, which allows you to head off the beaten track. 

We’ve implemented a large selection of weapons, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, snipers, and grenades, that you can find powered-up with different equipment. For example, the Herton Quarter, the main rifle used by the enemy Bonis Mundi forces, has a magazine of 60 bullets and a very high fire rate, perfect for close and medium range. It has a basic version without any equipment, but you can find it with an extended magazine of 120 bullets, aiming equipment, a suppressor, or even all three of them!


Can you tell us more about the game’s setting?

The game is set in 1984 during the Cold War. There is so much mystery about the Cold War! I’m always curious about all the events that happened but were buried in secret. The main area of the game world is situated on an old abandoned military island. The other areas… I can’t say too much because of spoilers! There are around nine different environments in Time Squared, including beaches, forests, jungles, urban environments, mountains, and so on. 

What inspired you to make this game?

Let’s just say that I’m a huge fan of the early Halo games, and the Metal Gear Solid and Half-Life franchises. So a lot of unconscious inspiration probably comes from these games.


What’s the history behind the development of Time Squared?

I’ve been working on Time Squared for four years, and two years ago my co-developer Nicolas contacted me saying that he was interested in working on the game. Nicolas is more on the art side, and I’m more on the programming side.

Why did you choose CRYENGINE for this project?

CRYENGINE always seemed so beautiful and powerful. I had to try it, and it was a nice challenge. I think Flowgraph is the best feature in the engine. I really love creating scripts using a visual tool like this. It’s very fast, clear, and perfect for debugging.

 Has the CRYENGINE community helped you with this project?

CRYENGINE has a very helpful forum where you can ask questions, or sometimes you just find what you need because someone has already found a solution to your problem.

Cheers Thomas!

Time Squared is available as an Early Access title right now, so head over to Steam and check it out.

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