Update from the Team #13: CE 3.6.15 rings in 2015
Update from the Team #13: CE 3.6.15 rings in 2015

Update from the Team #13: CE 3.6.15 rings in 2015

Welcome to our first update and new build of the new year- we hope you all had a great holiday break and are now ready for more game development!


We just released our first new build of the year, and all Subscribers should get it automatically once they start Steam the next time. As always, you can find the full Release Notes for this build on our Docs Website .

Highlights include:

-  Ability to compile your game project in “Release” format with added security and performance.

-Several rendering issues resolved.

Guide to releasing your Engine-as-a-Service games

We have a new guide to releasing your EaaS-based projects on our Documentation page to go along with the addition of the release configuration tool that will help you when it comes to packing and shipping your game.

Highlights from your fellow Cryengineers

We keep highlighting some of the promising upcoming games from our creative community on CRYENGINE.com- check back regularly to see what your fellow developers are cooking up! 

„SNOW“ from Poppermost Productions

„Dreaming“ from Paimonhttp://cryengine.com/news/-dreaming-of-steam-greenlight

„On Your Own“ by neverfollow81http://cryengine.com/news/-on-your-own-by-neverfollow81

„Crossing the Line“ from Zomboko Entertainment

That is all for today- please keep your invaluable feedback coming, and until next time