What’s happening with CRYENGINE at Respawn 2016?
What’s happening with CRYENGINE at Respawn 2016?

What’s happening with CRYENGINE at Respawn 2016?

Respawn, one of the hottest game development events in Europe is right around the corner (August 15th+16th in Cologne), and CRYENGINE is proud to be a “Legendary Partner” for this year’s iteration. But we have a lot more to offer than that, including a booth, a workshop and a talk.


We will have a small booth in the showfloor area so drop by if you have any questions about working with CRYENGINE, at Crytek, or what exciting updates we will release soon. We hope to see you next week!

Dream Big for Success: High Performance Game Development Platform for Indies

Monday, August 15th – 11.30-12.30

George Scotto (Business Director, CRYENGINE) will discuss how the power of CRYENGINE V is ideally suited to the needs of Indie developers across all platforms, and how it can be used to build high quality games that generate real opportunities and revenue. Attend to find out how CRYENGINE is actively supporting Indie developers, innovating to support cutting-edge projects, and promoting the virtual reality revolution.

Cryengine Introduction Workshop

Monday, August 15th – 12.30-14.30

In the CRYENGINE Introduction Workshop Product Manager Collin Bishop will guide attendee’s through the initial setup and configuration of CRYENGINE V through its new Launcher, which provides a project base to work from (C# or C++).

Next Collin will introduce asset creation, how to get assets into the engine, and the tools available to prepare assets correctly for use in CRYENGINE.

The final part to this workshop will cover the new CE# interface, with some examples of how to interact with C# in CRYENGINE to create a game.

Storytelling VR - Back to the Drawing Board (Dr. Fasih Sayin, Game Narrative Designer)

Tuesday, August 16th – 12.30-13.30

Just as we thought we have finally learned how to tell compelling stories in video games along comes a game changer: Virtual Reality. On the surface it sounds great with its superior ability to augment the feeling of immersion. But then you quickly realize practically nothing you know actually works and everything you know is out of date. That is when you have to go back to the roots of narratology re-evaluate what a story is and what it's supposed to do and how using the unique tools VR provides you can still tell a compelling story. This session will discuss ways of redefining the ways we think about the term "Story" and focus on solving VR specific problems and turning them into advantages and tools.

August 10, 2016 13:25

I'll follow up the blog for sure, but recordings would be very much appreciated if there's a chance :)

August 10, 2016 12:35

We don't plan a recording but we will definitely post a recap on the blog later on.

August 10, 2016 11:35

Will the recordings be available for those who are not able to attend?

Unknown user
August 10, 2016 01:05

Great, i am waiting ;-)