Wednesday Wisdom: Read our latest C++ tutorials

Wednesday Wisdom: Read our latest C++ tutorials

Need some help getting started with C++ and CRYENGINE? Allow our community to help!

Wednesday Wisdom: Controlling an Animated Character in CRYENGINE using C++

Every week we bring you a sample of coding knowledge from our users and community. CRYENGINE user Ivan Hawkes's contribution focuses on simple gameplay mechanics. This week we focus on "Controlling an Animated Character in CRYENGINE using C++" which is a blog entry done by our community member Ivan Hawkes.

Ivan Hawke's Bio:

I developed an interest in computers starting in the early 1980's leading me to learn how to write software in BASIC for the 6502 architecture. Soon after I learnt assembler in order to push the hardware to the speeds I wanted. I studied the first two years of a computer science degree, which still serves me well today. My first love was writing computer games, but I fell onto dark times and ended up writing business software, web sites for financial organisations, and finally - financial applications for pricing derivatives. You know, for those people who crashed the world economy.

Now I spend my days quietly working away on the software for an Action RPG style of game, a return to the things I love.


Our primary goal in this contribution is to capture player input, understand it, filter it and constrain it according to environmental factors, and then pass that into the animation system to drive the character on screen. In order to achieve that goal we will:

  • Provide a component that implements a player interface
  • Provide a component that implements player input
  • Provide a component that implements a character interface
  • Provide a component that implements cameras and their handling
  • Provide for core features of AI, vehicles and weapons so our character can utilise these when added to the project
  • In addition to this we also want:
    • An entity sensing system that knows which entities are nearby and which ones we can interact with
    • Doors, locks, pickable objects, flashlights, compass, etc

The entire entry with code snippets and source files is available directly on his blog through a Dropbox link.

Check back next Wednesday for more Wisdom straight from the community to you!


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