Why developers choose CRYENGINE - Part 3

Why developers choose CRYENGINE - Part 3

Developers around the world share their reasons for choosing CRYENGINE.

Qlaud Yoshida, Resonance Gamez

“We chose CRYENGINE because it was the most suitable engine to achieve an RPG with a realistic appearance. It creates a wonderful world because of its excellent, beautiful rendering! We get very good results thanks to the lighting system. The sophisticated Schematyc system helps to connect level and game designers with programmers and Wavicle is very good. It brings a lot of magic to our RPG efficiently. My current favorite function is the Particle Editor which will help us make plenty of unique magic!”

Andrey, developer of Aurayama

“So many features have made the difference for us! The CRYENGINE rendering and graphics, illumination, level creation system, viewport navigation and user interface, flow graph editor, trackview editor, material editor and shaders, AI system, asset creation pipeline, particle effect editor.. the list goes on!”

Bruno Willian Reise, creator of Lendas

“SVOGI is the resource that is the most amazing for me. I am a lighting artist so this feature has become extremely useful. The quality of the images is astonishing, almost surreal. Volumetric Fog is one of the best features of CRYENGINE. I like to mix several colors to make an image flashier and I use Volumetric Fog in most of my scenes.

“When CRYENGINE V was released, Volumetric Clouds was the feature that really grabbed my attention. I always wanted this function in the editor. I am currently combining all the features I have mentioned in my game and I’m getting really incredible results, even at this early stage of development.”

What was your reason for choosing CRYENGINE? Let us know in the comments, Discord, on the forum, or via Facebook, and Twitter.


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  • spaceman2003

    I think this upgrade is making the marketplace adds, not function. And they are not gone to upgrade, just remove it from the page.!!! It should be update, but you make it bad.? This copy protection kill it of. It crash and i have to reinstall every time. Now i`m nearly done whit this Cryengine.? Have used 3 year, lot of fun but now. too much inn-possibility function that crash. Before it was possible to run gamesdk_5.0 from the own directory. now it is not. Because of bad choice the developer make. And i have make lot of things for my self, just for fun. was think i may be making some ting, but i think i will use it on unreal engine. I have make double of formats. I like Cryengine because i like some of 3dsmax plugin add. The inside error counter and history count. hang very often.? It`s very difficult to put my advantars in to the games. I have try to use the old sdk player in to projects but it crash. I don`t want to use this mobi duck monster whit trumpet gun .? Try to remove it than it crash. My Norton antivirus have doomed Cryengine RC.exe file for intrusion. RC have make the catalog another user permission that the developer look inside like guest in user groups folder. That`s bad.? My be i wrong, but suspected by me. My PC is My PC

  • pequenosoldado

    @Noise if you think that the engine is not what it was, and that there are currently better options, use them and stop contributing rubbish. cryengine, for me, is a great tool, which has errors? so great, that shows that the engine still has a lot to give and not stay stuck in what you have now.

  • Finchy101

    @noise As me and many others have said, You keep bring up UE4, if its so good go there. No one else has issues with the engine, but in fact its the better choice. you just need to know how to use the engine properly.

  • noise
    • noise
    • November 16, 2018

    Listen, I've been working with the engine for many years, you have to be an asshole to call me a troll. And what kind of childish argument is this! I do not like, do not use. I like the engine, but to sit with your mouth open and swallow everything they give you is in your style is not in my

  • R3VO
    • R3VO
    • November 16, 2018

    @noise If the other engines are so much better, why are the Crytek games always looking at best? And if the other engines are so much better, why are you here and trying to do the Cryengine bad? Do not feed the Troll. Goodbye My friend

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