Why developers choose CRYENGINE - Part 4

Why developers choose CRYENGINE - Part 4

Developers around the world share their reasons for choosing CRYENGINE.

Tom Dudley from Pathfinder Games, developer of Vanguard: Normandy 1944

“We have been working with the engine since CRYENGINE 2 and each subsequent version has brought new technology, performance improvements, and new ways to dazzle which were previously impossible. But the very first thing which made CRYENGINE stand out for us was the photorealism, something that Crytek has been the leader in for well over 10 years, and continues to this day. Having used other level editors our Level Designer is a big fan of how quickly, easily and efficiently it is to build large levels in the CRYENGINE Sandbox. Whether it's through quickly whiteboxing within the editor itself, generating and modifying terrain, or creating complex building structures using the Prefab system, you cannot beat the holistic toolset that is provided with CRYENGINE.”

“It’s hard to describe how CRYENGINE features have made a difference to our development. Many of them, such as the simple interface and WYSIWYG editor, are so central to our development that we take them for granted. Seemingly little things like the ability to change the lighting on-the-fly or more obvious features such as being able to easily implement our chosen audio middleware via the Audio Translation Layer all save time in development and make life easier for us as developers.”

Andrey from AdroV Games, developer of ShadowSide

I just love to work on cinematic scenes and production. CRYENGINE allows you to do that all without difficulty or complexity. In my first game there were about 20 minutes of cut-scenes. In ShadowSide there will be less as I decided to give the player more freedom as they play. But I liked to work on cut-scenes mostly because of the simplicity of the toolkit. "What you see is what you play" is just a wonderful system.”

Jonatan Lindemann, from Digital Days Entertainment, developers of Core Elements

“We chose CRYENGINE because of two reasons. The first reason being that the engine is really powerful for creating first-person shooters and cinematic experiences, and the second reason is the great help provided by the amazing team over at Crytek. The two major features that made development much easier are Flow Graph and the new Substance Integration. Flow Graph made smaller things like area events much easier and faster to create and finish. The Substance Integration has made our process using Substance software way faster and much better.”

What was your reason for choosing CRYENGINE? Let us know in the comments, on the forum, or via Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on the official CRYENGINE Discord channel.


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  • stevo25

    I really wish cryengine would create a in editor UI system like the other engines It would make life a lot better. Also make a more stream lined Animations system so i don't have to edit text files to create aniamtions. Its not intuitive at all.


    I love CryEngine I want to make a game on but I don't know how

  • Hikigaya

    They are all here for GameSDK. And other developers too...

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