Homebound Project - GGJ'19

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Engine release version 5.5.2
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Homebound - Global Game Jam 2019 Project from Crytek

Homebound is a game where you have to make your way home on a stormy night and was one of the games made at the Crytek site during Global Game Jam 2019, an event we were proud to sponsor. A team of only six people developed the game using CRYENGINE 5.5.2, and it’s a great example of what can be created in just 48 hours using an unmodified version of the engine. The project makes use of several CRYENGINE systems, including Track View for cinematic sequences, and contains custom code that helped the designers create a dynamic and immersive environment. Download the project and check it out in the engine.

Full Credits for Homebound:

Jean-Baptiste Herve, Junior Software Engineer for CRYENGINE

Viktor Ikkes, Senior Cinematic Designer for Hunt: Showdown

Lukas Keil, Junior Audio Designer for Crytek Audio

Gabriel Yakir Ketteler, Community Developer for CRYENGINE

Alexander Klinger, Software Engineer for CRYENGINE

Matthias Otto, Senior Level Designer for Hunt: Showdown

Special Thanks:

Marcel Lichner, System Administrator, Crytek

Michaela Mrazkova, Junior HR Assistant, Crytek

January 17, 2022

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