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This free asset pack includes thirteen environment preset files, covering a range of environment and time of day styles, from dawn to dusk. Each can be copied into any project and can be used and tweaked immediately to find the right mood for your scenes.

This pack is released in conjunction with the free Terrain Example pack, including three heightmaps, and alongside our Environment Editor tutorial series, hosted by our Learning Manager, Brian Dilg.

Download both and learn how to create beautiful worlds in CRYENGINE by following along with the in-depth series either on YouTube or in written form on our documentation.

The following preset environment files are included in this pack:

• night_clear_skies.env

A simple, clear night, with a low moon in the sky.

• dawn_1630.env

A “magic hour” preset that can be used for dawn or sunset. The sun is warm and close to the horizon, with stars just visible in the brightening sky.

• dawn_fast_clouds_0630.env

Another “magic hour” preset, with the sun near the horizon, low light levels, stars still visible, and volumetric clouds.

• midday_1630.env

The sun is moderately high in the sky, as it would be around midday.

• day_night_cycle_2.env

A full 24-hour day/night cycle, with all elements adjusted for key times of the day. This present is ideal for a dynamic time of day, or to quickly switch to any keyframed times to dramatically change the feel of a scene.

• desert_gold_magic_hour_1630.env

The sun is low in the sky, and volumetric clouds are configured to create a clearing or approaching storm look.

• foggy_dense.env

Dense global volumetric fog and soft shadows are complemented by light from directly overhead, as if diffused by cloud cover.

• night_dark_clear.env

A clear, starry night with a warm moon.

• nightvision.env

A simulated infrared camera view with a green tint, heavy grain and bloom, and limited depth of field. This preset is intended to be used with light components.

• magic_hour_low_clouds.env

Volumetric clouds placed low to mimic fog volumes, strongly affected by wind.

• craters.env

A night preset intended to be used with light components and/or emissive fog volumes.

• overcast_1800.env

A special case example intended to be used with dense, global emissive fog volume and light components.

• sidescroller_silhouettes.env

A stylized preset. This present is monochrome with no sunlight or skylight and features a heavy grain and depth of field blur. This is intended to be used with an emissive global fog volume and/or light components to provide illumination or the illusion of it.

January 17, 2022

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