CRYENGINE Master Class: Andrei Ghenoiu's Community Tutorials on programming and animation

CRYENGINE Master Class: Andrei Ghenoiu's Community Tutorials on programming and animation

Today's Master Class is a little different as we highlight a well-known community member and his efforts to bring you great CRYENGINE tutorials.

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? You’ll find a whole range of tutorials featuring Crytek experts from the studio, on everything from starting out with CRYENGINE for the first time, to comprehensive, advanced guides to produce pro-grade work. But we also have many talented members of the community who share their knowledge too. Today, we’re pleased to host a YouTube playlist from prolific community member Andrei Ghenoiu who has created his own series of tutorials.

In our CRYENGINE community tutorial playlist, you can check out a range of excellent programming tutorials covering animation, camera controls, and more. If you want to create a custom character and import it into CRYENGINE, Andrei shows you every step along the way. Animation programming and proxies are covered in two in-depth tutorials, and you can also find out how to create smooth camera transitions in this great video. 

There are also specific tutorials on how to implement a jumping function for your characterswitching the player camera from third person to a first person perspective, and vice versa, and an introduction to interaction and getting the class name of an object. These tutorials have been compiled in one playlist below for your convenience. Check them out - there’s some great information, presented superbly, from one of the stars of our community. We’re pleased to host these and make them available to as many CryENGINEERS as possible. You can stay up to date with Andrei’s work on Twitter.

We’re sure that you’ll find these videos useful. If they inspire you to make your own tutorial videos, don’t forget to let us know on our usual channels. If you’re interested in contributing directly to the on-going evolution of CRYENGINE, you can find out more information here. Got feedback? Let us know on the official CRYENGINE forumsFacebook, and Twitter


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  • neverfollow81

    Thanks guys. Also check out Micha? Ko?odziej channel here - a lot more C++ programming -

  • anil10678

    blendspace tutorial is so nice we need more tutorial of animation control. keep updating...... thanks

  • cfree

    Great tutorials!!! Keep them coming, community ;)

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