Designer demo level ‘The Office’ available for free now

Designer demo level ‘The Office’ available for free now

Today we are releasing the next level in a series of demos which shows the different ways the Designer tool can quickly, efficiently, and rapidly create entire scenes in the engine. Head to the CRYENGINE Marketplace right now and you can download ‘The Office’ for free.

The demo level has been created by our very own Aleksander Budzynski, Senior User Experience Designer for CRYENGINE, and was developed entirely with Designer. It shows how you can use Designer to white-box your scenes and demonstrates the flexibility of the in-editor modeler. Aleksander chose to create an office scene for this demo and it uses features which allow you to rapidly develop realistic white box scenes and develop entire levels from scratch in different art styles.  

You can download ‘The Office’ for free from CRYENGINE Marketplace  right now and you’re free to use it and modify it in your own projects, or simply explore it at your own leisure. 

While you are there, why not check out ‘The Cave’ – another CryDesigner demo we recently released which demonstrates a beautiful low-poly art style. Look out for more demo levels which will be released on CRYENGINE Marketplace for free soon. 

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  • August 11, 2017

Designer demo level ‘The Cave’ available for free now

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  • August 17, 2017

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