Marketplace Spotlight: Space assets fit for the future

Marketplace Spotlight: Space assets fit for the future

Get your hands on a range of out-of-this world assets, perfect for science fiction settings.

If you’re working with a space theme for your next project, head to the CRYENGINE Marketplace where you can check out some beautiful free props from Warpspeed. If you’re going to Mars or beyond, equip your explorers with the Curiosity Rover, a true to scale 3D model of the Curiosity Rover from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, which landed on the Red Planet in 2012.

Let your players discover the next planet to explore or help them detect enemy threats with the Stardust Space Probe and the Voyager Space Probe, two beautiful spacecraft to send on an orbital adventure.

Warpspeed also has interstellar communications covered with two different s of satellite dishes which will add more atmosphere to your scenes.

You can also augment your space adventure with a free pack of assets from our very own Robinson: The Journey, including a range of props from a crashed spacecraft and survival tools like a power supply and telescope for when your players touchdown on a new planet.

To accompany your space project, you’ll want some space sounds. Get the atmosphere right by choosing from a range of paid for soundtracks and FX kits, including Outer Space Music from Myoss, a Space Soundtrack from ReneBreitbarth, and a Sci-Fi Background soundtrack from Epidemic Sounds.

Head over to CRYENGINE Marketplace to pick up these assets and more now, and don’t forget to leave a review. If you have a space project in the works, let us know on the usual channels as we love to see your work. We look forward to your feedback on Discord, the forums, Facebook, or Twitter.


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