Spooky assets for Halloween
Spooky assets for Halloween

Spooky assets for Halloween

Give your players a scare with a range of assets from the CRYENGINE Marketplace

It’s the season of spooks and scares, so head to the CRYENGINE Marketplace to discover ready-to-go assets, which will help you give your players the jitters.  

What goes bump in the night? Give players a fighting chance to find out with the free Hand Flashlight. This great asset is provided by manuk from Frog Factory, the developer of CRYENGINE-powered Heathen – The Sons of the Law

The flashlight arrives with Blender source files, CRYENGINE mannequin setup, and can be used as a melee weapon for when your player finally hunts down the monster or enemy lurking in the shadows.  

If you want to create a terrifying interior corridor, ancient underground passage, or foreboding exterior architecture, the Old Wall Pack from Sideral Studios features ten superb wall textures. From modern concrete to a range of brickwork styles that would suit a variety of period settings, each features different styles of weathering to create walls that have seen too much. If you want to create a chilling sense of place, this pack of assets could be perfect for you. 


Light the way for players with a dual-headed Victorian lamppost from zeenoh, perfect for a Jack the Ripper-era setting, or to add atmosphere to a more contemporary backdrop. From dusk till dawn, and in light and shadow, this asset, which includes textures and source files, will stand out beautifully in your scene.  


The free Small Inventory Pack from Roman Maltsev is perfect for a modern or futuristic horror scene. Featuring a switch, frame, control panel, wall lamp, and more, it’s down to your imagination to decide what horrors lie in wait behind the door, which is the centerpiece of this fantastic pack. 


Whatever scene you create, you’ll want audio to match up to the visuals, so check out the Scary Music Pack from MyMusicId. You’ll get six high-quality tracks, including looped and cut down versions of each tune. The pack features 127 assets in total, all royalty-free, mixed and mastered, and ready to use.  

If you haven’t picked it up already, it’s a great time of year to scoop up our bumper pack of free Deceit assets. Get your hands on a massive range of production-proven props that featured in Automaton’s multiplayer first-person-shooter set in an asylum. Including houses, cell doors, lab props, satellite dishes, antenna towers, and more, go wild with these high-quality CRYENGINE-ready assets that you can use to kit-bash your own scenes. 


All of these assets and more are available on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. If you pick up an asset that makes a difference for your project, don’t forget to leave a review. And if you’re looking for a specific asset to help you, but somehow can’t find it in the exhaustive range available, let us know on the forum, or via Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel. If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub, which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently.  

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