AXPR UI Mod Interview

AXPR UI Mod Interview

We chat to community member Tugay Acar about his great UI mod.

The CRYENGINE Marketplace is packed full of ready-to-go assets that can help you accelerate development on your project. Today we’re checking out the AXPR T5 User Interface Mod created by Istanbul-based community member Tugay Acar.

This clean, crisp, and clear UI mod is based on the GameSDK, and it is designed for FPS projects. Features include a minimap, weapons wheel selector, message boxes, vehicle control UI, objective tags, and many more features that can help you present your game in a slick and clear style. Check out the video below for a full tour of this great package.

We spoke to Tugay to find out more.

Hey, Tugay! How long have you been using CRYENGINE for?

I've been using CRYENGINE since 2013. I love CRYENGINE and its features. It is the best engine for making games and content. I also love CRYENGINE's support. I'm always contacting CRYENGINE by email and getting the best solutions for any queries I have. Thank you!

This is your second UI mod. Why did you choose to create UI?

I have been translating video games from English to Turkish for some time. While I was translating, I found that I really liked the different UI styles in games, and I decided to make my own. My original CRYENGINE UI mod was Crysis-influenced, and I decided to make a new style with more features for people. That first UI was just a test. I love graphic design, and I want to make my UI mods look clean and responsive. With my latest mod, I have added more features and made it easier to use, and added some screen effects to make it look cool. In the future, I would like to add more features for people instead of just UI.

Thanks, Tugay!

You can pick up Tugay’s UI mods and let them know how much you like it on the AXPR T5 forum topic, along with a whole range of other assets, on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. If you pick up an asset that makes a difference for your project, don’t forget to leave a review. And if you’re looking for a specific asset to help you, but somehow can’t find it in the exhaustive range available, let us know on the forum, or via Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel. If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently.

Are you looking for your next career move? At Crytek, we value diversity and actively encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels to apply to our open positions, so join us over at LinkedIn and check out our careers page.


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  • silver008

    The overall feeling is that it is really a MOD to the existing (default) CE3 UI system rather than a completely new/custom approach.

  • silver008

    But what's under the hood? No C++ base, and seems like it uses the default Crytek's AS2 code. Main menu settings aren't dynamic, no list population for graphic settings.

  • VR-Snowcrash

    I'm headed to the Marketplace now before Tugay regains his senses and hikes the price :P lol Thanks Tugay and Crytek! :)

  • VR-Snowcrash

    Great looking mod! I took a look at this asset/mod and it made me grin...That's some "AAA" Indie work no doubt and having access to quality assets such as this one is amazing!

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