DIS Students Visit CRYTEK
DIS Students Visit CRYTEK

DIS Students Visit CRYTEK

We welcomed students from the Danish Institute for Studies Abroad and introduced them to the world of game development and our engine.

At CRYENGINE we’re passionate about supporting the next generation of game development talent. As part of our learning program, we were delighted to host students from the Danish Institute for Studies Abroad for a studio tour and introduction to the world of game development. The students from around the world are enrolled on a game development course, and the visit was structured around how to create a 3D game project quickly in anticipation of a future project in their studies, as well as career advice and insights into professional game development.

The day began with a studio tour from Community Coordinator Aleksei Vaniushkin before a presentation of CRYENGINE and a question-and-answer session hosted by Brian Dilg, our Learning Manager, and Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin. The presentation focused on using CRYENGINE for rapid level design and game creation starting from a blank level, including outlining the process for quickly blocking a project out using free assets and our free GameSDK Sample Project. Flappy Boid, GalaxSys, Homebound, and Breeze – the subject of our CRYENGINE Summer Academy – were also used as case studies for showing how our engine can be used to prototype a playable game in a short amount of time.

Valentin Klink, Senior Gameplay Programmer on Hunt: Showdown, and Matthias Otto, Principal Game Designer who has worked on many of our projects, then spoke to the group and answered further questions. Topics covered included general career advice, how to get into game development, how to develop their practical skills, and life as game developers at Crytek, where members of the team make a difference on high profile games every single day.

Overall, it was an incredibly productive and inspiring day for everyone involved. We look forward to seeing how the students continue their journey into the world of game development and the projects they produce as part of their studies. If you're an educator who would like to arrange a tour of our HQ in Frankfurt, please get in touch with us at careers@crytek.com with details of the game development or programming course at your institution to begin the process.

Roman Perezogin, Junior Evangelist, said: "CRYENGINE was built to help developers achieve their vision, and we are committed to helping the next generation of talent succeed on their journey into the world of game making. It was inspiring to see the passion and engagement of the group of students we invited to the office. Our experienced developers were delighted to pass on practical game development tips and valuable career advice, and we wish the students every success in the future. Hopefully, we may welcome many of them back to Crytek as colleagues in the future."

If you're ready to take your next step in game development, we currently have open positions at all levels. We value diversity, and we actively encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds to apply to jobs, so join us over at LinkedIn and check out our careers page.

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