'The Land of Pain' releases today - check out the developer's exclusive tutorial on CRYENGINE vs Megascans!

'The Land of Pain' releases today - check out the developer's exclusive tutorial on CRYENGINE vs Megascans!

The Land of Pain, released today on Steam, has been created by one man development army Alessandro Guzzo. We congratulate him to this great success and take a peek at the game. Additionally, in an exclusive tutorial, Alessandro shares his development knowledge; explaining how he worked with Quixel Megascans on his stunning game, demonstrating how quick and easy it is to bring amazing assets into your scenes.

The Land of Pain is a beautiful horror adventure, influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and shows how CRYENGINE’s cutting-edge features can be used by even solo developers to achieve their vision. Releasing today, you can find out more about how Alessandro has used CRYENGINE to develop the game, his process, and why he chose CRYENGINE in a recent interview on this blog.

In this short and informative tutorial, Alessandro reveals his photogrammetry workflow with Quixel Megascans and CRYENGINE, showing you how he quickly brings high quality, realistic assets into the game. This particular video focuses on how to create a beautiful rock formation. You’re taken through every step by Alessandro, and the video demonstrates just how flexible and rapid the workflow with Quixel Megascans and CRYENGINE can be. If you want to dress your game with impressive assets, using real-world, battle-hardened techniques in no time at all, check out the video below.

We’d like to thank Alessandro for taking the time to create this great video tutorial which we think will be useful for anyone who wants to work quickly to create awesome scenes. You can check out the The Land of Pain, which is available on Steam right now, here and the launch trailer below.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to work with Quixel Megascans and CRYEGINE, you can check out two in-depth tutorials from our very own Joe Garth, Senior Cinematic Artist at Crytek, who shows you how you can create a fabulous forest and a stunning sci-fi scene featuring a crashed spaceship.

Discover more about Quixel Megascans at their website, including details about how to download a free trial. If you find this tutorial useful or have further questions, we love to hear your comments on Facebook, Twitter and our forum. If you’re inspired to use these techniques, we’d love to see your work, so get in touch.

We’re constantly striving to deliver more tutorials and evolve the engine to meet your needs. If you’d like to find out how you can help us on this mission and contribute to the engine’s development, you can find out more here.


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  • silver008

    Looks good, but lots of default SDK assets are JUMPING AT YOU!

  • spotdot

    Congrats Alessandro! looks amazing and bought it to support you.

  • romahassanih

    Really happy for them! =) can't wait to try it out!

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