Reorienting animations in Maya
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 14, 2022
autodesk maya
cryengine 5.x

Our latest installment in our Character Animation Pipeline Master Class takes you step-by-step through the process of reorienting animations using Maya.  

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:05 Reminder of our previous tutorial of reorienting animations
  • 1:55 Introducing a bit of Maya
  • 2:30 Importing our first animation
  • 3:12 Adding a new bone to our character
  • 04:10 Reorienting the root bone
  • 04:55 Point Parenting the root bone and the rig
  • 05:50 Baking Animation to the root bone and parenting again
  • 07:00 Deleting Translation of bones
  • 08:20 Exporting our animation
  • 09:20 Using the Python Script
  • 10:50 Importing Animation to CRYENGINE
  • 11:15 Setting up the animations in CRYENGINE for preview
  • 12:00 Outro

This tutorial introduces Maya, shows the import process for animations, and then focuses on adding a new bone to the character. You’ll then learn how to bake animation onto a reoriented root bone, and export to the animation ready for CRYENGINE.  

Roman also gives a walkthrough of the process of creating a Python script for you to speed up the procedure. Finally, the video will take you through the steps to import animations into CRYENGINE and set them up for preview.  

You can follow along with this tutorial by accessing our written documentation.

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