Domains and Modifiers: Particle Editor tutorial series part 2
Tutorial info  
Difficulty Intermediate
Updated November 02, 2020
cryengine 5.6

Learn how to use modifiers and domains to affect the behavior of particle effects in part two of our particle effects tutorial series, building on the concepts established in the first tutorial in the series. Modifiers dynamically affect the behavior of a particle effect, and domains provide additional parameters for modifiers. 

Topic index

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:42 Adding a modifier to Field:Size
  • 2:06 The Random modifier
  • 3:35 Generating negative random values
  • 3:56 Working with components in the Effect Graph
  • 4:55 Location:Offset feature
  • 6:20 Using negative random values
  • 6:57 Using multiple Location:Offset features
  • 8:52 Domains
  • 9:35 Domains as represented by a curve modifier
  • 10:44 Domain Scale and Domain Bias
  • 11:13 Domain Scale values
  • 11:24 Domain Scales < 1
  • 12:19 Representation of domain on a curve modifier
  • 13:42 Domain Scale values > 1
  • 15:39 Domain Bias
  • 16:44 Linear modifier
  • 18:18 Using multiple modifiers


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