Breeze ep. 9: animation system insights with Claudio Freda, Animation Programmer
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Difficulty Advanced
Updated July 28, 2022
cryengine 5.6

Take a deep dive into CRYENGINE’s animation systems with an invaluable presentation featuring Animation Programmer Claudio Freda. This episode will help you build your understanding of animation in CRYENGINE following the previous step-by-step animation tutorials. Animation Programmer Claudio Freda joins your regular host Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin to deliver you a comprehensive overview of the animation system in CRYENGINE.


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  • 00:00:00  Intro
  • 00:04:26  Character Animations
  • 00:05:12  Mannequin Editor
  • 00:11:24  Blendspaces
  • 00:18:04  Mannequin Editor Setup
  • 00:26:00  Splitting Jump, Falling and Landing
  • 00:33:00  Mannequin Configuration Files
  • 00:38:35 Scope Layers/Additive Animations
  • 00:41:00  C++ Animation Code Explained
  • 00:44:00  C++ Player Animation Initialization
  • 00:47:30  C++ Explaining IActionsPtr's
  • 00:48:27  C++ Controlling Animations/Actions
  • 00:55:01  Questions
  • 00:57:41  C++ Testing, Fixing and Tuning the Logic
  • 01:22:20  C++ Blendspace Parameters in Code
  • 01:28:50  Answering Questions
  • 01:38:40  Outro

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